Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Insane In The Brain

Even though my expectations of Fox News are pretty low, I wouldn't have expected them to publish this article.

I guess this is typical Neo-Con thinking now so I shouldn't be at all surprised. This guy wants a 10%, one year income tax surcharge to pay for Katrina relief.

The author, Frost, remembers fondly that LBJ asked for a one year 10% tax to be enacted in 1968 and he was happy to pay it because it was his patriotic duty.

Frost dismisses the possibility of simply cutting Federal spending because, "Forcing big cuts through Congress would force vulnerable Republican Congressmen to cast hard votes that might jeopardize their re-election chances in 2006." Oh, what a shame that would be. So we're supposed to be willing to pay a 10% surcharge so that the Neo-Con cabal can maintain their grip on power?

It doesn't seem to cross Frosts mind that FedGov shouldn't be giving out our tax money at all to rebuild a city that was predictably destroyed by an easily foreseeable natural disaster. The state should have planned for that all along.

Frost also doesn't seem to consider that we are far more heavily taxed now than we were in 1968, not to mention the fact that inflation has eaten up most of our savings and middle America just doesn't have the reserves to pay for it.

Despite the assertions from Tom DeLay that there isn't much fat left in the Federal budget to slice off, the American people need to wake up and start demanding that we cut the pork. Let's also put a moratorium on any further Federal spending to rebuild cities after a natural disaster. This will force cities and states to plan for their own rebuilding and force them to be responsible for their own well-being.

update: MikeT takes my rant and runs over at Blind Mind's Eye. Give it a read.