Sunday, October 23, 2005

Shut Down The Schools

The public school system needs to be de-funded, the property sold off and a good portion of the teachers executed. Ok, not executed, perhaps just a good Singapore caning is in order.

Seriously though, we need to shut down the schools, or, as I like to call them, "Collectivist Education Camps."

Could someone PLEASE show me where in the Constitution of The United States of America, it says that the Federal Government is authorized to provide tax money to fund education for anyone.

'Money For Schools!' has been the clarion call of the socialists for many decades now and things are only getting worse. Is it even remotely possible that public funding of education is a fundamentally flawed idea to begin with?

Let's assume for a moment that I had the power to shut down all the public schools one year from today and taxes were reduced by the current amount of education spending:

1. The cost of private education would plummet - Thousands of private schools would pop up all over the country and competition for those students would be in full force. Just as there are restaurants of varying quality and price, the same would hold true of schools. There would still be expensive elite schools and there would be cheap private schools. I'd also wager that there would be a number of charity funded free schools. Private schools, unlike their public counterpart, keep the administrative burden low to maximize profit.

2. The quality of education would rise significantly- Rather than sticking your child in a 'one-size-fits-all' institution, parents could send their children to schools that suit their needs. Do you have an extremely bright child? Send her to a school for the gifted. Does your kid need a bit of extra help? Send her to a school that specializes in taking extra time to review concepts. There will be a special program that will fit just about every need out there. How do I know this? Because there is profit in it. Also, the schools will not tolerate students who are disruptive or downright criminal. The other customers (parents of the children) will complain and a business has to listen to its customers or they will go elsewhere. This will generally have a net effect of better behavior in all children because parents aren't going to tolerate their children continually getting kicked out of school.

3. Teacher salaries will rise - Yes, I said they will rise. Teachers will be paid according to their ability to teach. Lousy teachers will be forced out of the industry and schools will compete (there's that word again) for the best teachers. Average teacher salary will rise.

4. The economy will improve - After a generation of kids has been educated without the 'benefit' of government education, we will have a more productive class of workers who are better able to compete with China, India and other emerging economies. As it is, we are losing ground fast. Added to that will be the reduced social burden because properly educated people tend to be less dependent on government assistance so we end up with less people receiving and more people able to give.

5. More freedom - This is the most important aspect of my whole program. With a generation of children not receiving 13 years of socialist indoctrination, we would end up with a nation of people who are not likely to tolerate overt government control of their lives as adults. The resultant political change could spark a revolution. The government should not be controlling our children and the longer we allow it to happen, the further down the road to destruction we will go. Many of you will not send your kids to a public school and some of you are homeschooling. Your children will have an advantage as adults that is incalculable. They might very well be the leaders of the next revolution.

There you go kids, rip it apart. Your objections will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly with the weapons of cold hard logic and reason.