Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stupid Christians

My co-worker, ZR is a MySpace user (a sad bunch of individuals I know) and one of his friends posted a message with the title, "School is cancelled."

When you click on the message, there was a picture of Jesus on the cross with a message below it that says, "While Jesus was dying on the cross, He was thinking of you. If you don't repost this message, you are denying Him."

ZR, who is not a Christian thought it was dumb that he would post that with a misleading headline so he told me about it. Given that I am more inclined to logic and reason than superstition, I agreed that it was really dumb.

I told him to send his friend an email that said, "If you believe in God, send $100 to my PayPal account. If you don't, you're denying him." His friend did not give him any money of course and hopefully, the kid learned that superstitious threats are not a great way to spread the Gospel. We may never know.

Why do so many of us Christians fail to use logic and reason when attempting to tell people about our faith?