Monday, November 21, 2005

Serial Killer

Is this the face of a serial killer? My mother seems to think so.

Just to be funny, I sent the picture on the right to her from my phone after my Friday afternoon haircut. She hadn't seem my hair this short since I got out of boot camp. She responded that I look like a serial killer. Thanks mom!

Arielle recently blogged about a post over at Vox's that turned in to a discussion about shaved heads. I mentioned that I had been receiving more female attention since my hair was this short. Ariel paid me a very nice compliment and then went on to say later that if she ever procures the knowledge and the means to be a stalker I would be among her first victims. Thanks Arielle!

Update: For those who were frightened by the picture above:

Me and Little Dif nearly a year ago.
Who could be afraid of a grown man blowing on a dandelion?