Saturday, November 19, 2005

Killer Coke

FoxSnooze report that New York University has banned the sale of Coke products on campus because of allegations of murder and intimidation of union leaders at their facilities in Columbia.

At first this appears to be just another useless liberal protest worthy only of contempt and ridicule. For some reason I kept reading the story and found this:

"We are not being international police, we are being consumers. We consume Coca-Cola's product, it's on our campus and as such we are allowed to say whether or not we are allowed to do business with a company that may or may not be egregiously violating the basic human rights of its workers," said David Hancock of NYU's Campaign to Kick Coke.

The crazy thing is, he's right! I'm not evaluating the merits of their argument against Coke, but they obviously perceive a problem and they are acting on it without calling for government intervention.

Liberals are always crying about the evils of this or that corporation and calling for government intervention. In this case they decided to act as consumers and make some noise about and they should be applauded for their effort. They are showing us what most of us already know; a company depends on its customers to make a profit. If the customers are unwilling to purchase products, the company will either be forced to meet their demands or go out of business.

Before any of you complain that this university is unfairly acting against the wishes of some of its student, note that NYU is a private university. They don't forbid student or staff from having Coke on campus, it just can't be purchased there. This is no different than you employer choosing to sell Pepsi products rather than Coke in the cafeteria at work.