Monday, September 11, 2006

Vikings vs Redskins - Live Blogging

This is just about my impressions of the game - you can go find the stats yourself.

1st Quarter :

Redskins injury on the kick off; not a good way to start the game.

Brad Johnson comes out looking poised and ready. His confidence does not appear to be false. Touchdown on the first drive. Unfortunately they messed up the extra point and were held to 6.

Redskins return drive got them to the Red Zone but they couldn't get it done and settled for 3.

Penalties are held to a minimum. Defense looks pretty good too so far.

Viking are looking great. I predict a 27 - 17 win for Minnesota.

2nd Quarter:

Well, they're not looking so good right now. Williamson has missed to key passes. Brad Johnson certainly isn't the problem here. The defense looks ok even though they allowed a touch down.

The Vikings aren't rattled yet but we'll see. My confidence remains high though. Minnesota needs to settle down a little and get in the groove. I think Williamsson should pulled.

The Vikings have been drawing way too many penalties. Settle down guys! Hopefully half time will be good for them.

Quarter ends with Redskins leading 13-9. Defense is doing well. GO OFFENSE!

3rd Quarter:

Redskins get stopped cold on the first drive in the 2nd half and Moore does an excellent job of returning the kick. The Vikings need to make a few big plays and shake up the Redskins a little.

And I just got my wish. Early touchdown in the 2nd half. Keep them guessing Brad!

Redskins were 3rd & 5 just outside the Red Zone and the Vikings got hit with a penalty for roughing the passer. It put the Redskins at 1st & Goal but they coulnd't bring it in and were forced to kick for 3. Tie game at 16.

4th Quarter:

Even game going in to the final quarter. The Vikings still look like they have plenty of energy and Johnson hasn't made a bad play yet. Both defenses are doing a great job which is revising my initial prediction downward quite a bit. With 9:34 left in the fourth, I'm still predicting a Vikings win but it's going to be tight.

With 6:29 left in the game, it just occured to me that there hasn't been one turnover so far. That surprises me because both teams really are playing hard.

Tough play by the Vikings combined with a 15 yard face mask penalty gives the Vikings excellent field position at the 2 minute warning with 3 time outs left. Redskins have 2 timeouts.

1:00 left in the game. The Vikings scored a field goal for to put the score at 19 to 16. Were it not for that missed extra point it would be a much tougher situation for the Redskins. Overtime anyone?

With 17 seconds to go, the Redskins attempted a field goal for a tie. Minnesota put up good pressure and the kick went wide to end the game. Minnesota took a knee and that's all she wrote.

Way To Go Minnesota!

P.S. Williamson needs to get benched.