Friday, January 26, 2007

Strings Attached

Dakota Fanning recently finished filming a controversial movie in which she was raped. The movie was filmed in North Carolina.

Now, a Republican state senator from N.C. is proposing that the state should review all scripts before production starts. This would only apply to films seeking the filmmakers incentive from the state which rebates up to 15% of production costs.

Senator Berger said, "Why should North Carolina taxpayers pay for something they find objectionable?"

The question that apparently hasn't occurred to the Senator is "Why should the taxpayers be paying for this anyway?"

Whenever the government gets involved in a private matter, there are always strings attached. Incentives always come at a price. Once you become dependent on the incentives, more and more strings get attached. This is the way of government.

We always seem to think it's ok to take advantage of government programs because if we don't, no one will. It's that attitude that keeps these programs growing and more being added. We never want more government; get it through your heads.