Sunday, January 14, 2007

What Global Warming?

The last two days here in Orange County have been COLD!

In fact, it got below freezing last night and it appears we're in for more of the same tonight. It was just a week or two ago, I was hearing complaints from around the country that there was very little snow and it was unseasonably warm.

There seems to be lots of evidence that the earth cools and warms in cycles. Greenland was once farmland. In New England in 1812, it was "the year without summer" and there are various other documented periods where things have been hotter or cooler than what we think is the norm.

Wasn't it less than 30 years ago that the scientists were alarmed about global COOLING? Obviously they were wrong. We can't predict the weather tomorrow accurately, I don't think we predict global warming/cooling trends accurately either.

The point I really want to make though is that both sides will look at today's or yesterday's weather as some sort of evidence to support or debunk a theory and that's just dumb. Global weather trends take hundreds of years to pan out and a snapshot of time tells you nothing about tomorrow. Next time you discuss global warming, throw that in the conversation and only the most fanatic will still assert that they know what's going to happen.