Monday, January 22, 2007

Filthy, Greedy Pigs!

This is disgusting! Apple has announced that for the quarter ending December 30, 2006 they posted $7.1 BILLION in revenue. Of that revenue, $1,000,000,000 (1 BILLION) was profit.

Clearly Apple is taking advantage of consumers if they have made that much money. It's price gouging! How can they justify such obscene profits? It's sad that in this great country that rich, greedy people sit in board rooms and plan to make themselves even more wealthy. Why is this even legal? Who gave these people the right to scheme and plan and take advantage of people who are just victims of the herd mentality when it comes to popular products?

There should be an immediate congressional investigation in to the profits made by Apple, Inc. I'm even willing to go further than that. I am calling for the nationalization of Apple, Inc. It should be obvious to everyone that any company that can produce such a profit is an important national resource and cannot be trusted in private hands. Under government control, Apple would even thrive more. Apple employees would become government employees and their obscene salaries would be brought more in line with national salary standards and the benefits would probably be better. This means they would be unionized as well so they wouldn't have to work under the terrible strain of long hours. In theory that should produce better products.

Since Apple would be owned by the government, all of those profits would go to pay for important social programs rather than in to the hands of greedy stockholders and rich executives who get huge bonuses just for overcharging for cheap plastic and electronics.

Nationalizing Apple will be huge success then we can begin the process of nationalizing other successful companies. Microsoft is an obvious next target since we depend so heavily on Windows for running large and small businesses in this country. This kind of power will only be abused in private hands; the government is the only organization capable of handling this sort of thing.