Thursday, February 08, 2007

Banned From Pandagon

I have been officially banned from the left-wing blog Pandagon. This brings a tear of joy to my eye.

You may know of Pandagon from the discussion at Vox's where he discusses the crazy rantings of Amanda Marcotte who was pulled away from Pandagon along with another woman to work on the blog for Presidential aspirant John Edwards. Because Amanda writes with a toxic pen, Edwards was taking a lot of heat for hiring her.

Please keep in mind, all of my comments at Pandagon were civil relevant to the conversation. Ultimately I got banned for "dominating" some threads. I'll let you be the judge of that.

The first thread I got really involved in is Edwards Camp: caving in to the right wing never works. I suggest you hit Ctrl+F after the page loads and search for Difster then scroll down from there.

I guess my Nixon comment in the previous thread inspired this thread: For the love of Richard Nixon. Sadly by the time I found the last comment in this thread I had already been banned and could not respond. My answer to that question though is that I have had very little opposition to the opinions I express on my blog. I have had a few trolls that come in and call me names and mouth off but no serious debate of my positions from anyone on the left.

Here's where I ended up getting banned; off all places, it was post about tolerance. Apparently the other comments I made in that post were deleted.

Here is what I would like all of you to do if you have time. Go over to Pandagon, and begin commenting. Make innocuous comment at first because you will have to go through the moderator until the first few. Then start engaging them in debate of their ideas. Don't be rude, don't cuss, don't foam at the mouth. In other words, don't be like them. Let me know how long it takes you to get banned.