Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Breast Enhancement

A woman was standing in front of the mirror after her morning shower. She let out a deep sigh and said to her husband of 10 years, "I really don't like my breasts, I wish they were bigger."

The husband was tired of hearing her complaints, he was happy with the way she looked, why shouldn't she be? He decided to respond a little differently this time.

"Honey, if you want your breasts to grow, you need to rub some toilet paper in between them for a a few minutes each day," the man said from the bedroom.

She was willing to try anything so she grabbed some toilet paper and started rubbing. "How long will this take to work?" she asked hopefully.

"It's a slow process, it will take a couple of years at least," he replied.

She began to question the wisdom of this advice. "Do you really think that rubbing toilet paper between my breasts is going to make them bigger?"

"Well, it worked for your butt didn't it?"