Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Twist On The Abortion Debate

While reading the comments over at Pandagon wherein Amanda actually argues that "abortion is a moral good" I came to the conclusion that any atheist and just about every liberal should have no problem at all with the concept of state forced abortions.

To an atheist, the only possible place that rights can come from is the government. They can try to argue for some "natural rights" all they want but they cannot possibly acknowledge any authority higher than government. If government is the highest authority, then government essentially owns us.

Every government of every type has one prime directive; self preservation. If government is the highest authority, then anything that government does is moral. If the atheist wants to argue that he is is own highest authority, ask him why he bothers obey the law. In practice, the atheist acknowledges the government as the highest authority.

Now that we have defined our authority, why would it be the least bit immoral for the state to make a choice for a woman that she should have an abortion? The state has the authority and it granted to you the right to choose for yourself. It can also revoke that right or demand that you have an abortion. Just this week in Italy, a judge sentenced a 13 year old girl who did NOT want an abortion to get one because it's what her parents wanted. The parents obviously acknowledged the state, through the court to be their authority. The girl had no choice; this is a state forced abortion in a supposedly free country.

Likewise, no atheist should complain if abortion is forbidden for the same reasons. Obviously the state thinks it's in it's own best interest to deny abortions and they are the authority.

Supremacy of the state at it's finest.