Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thoughts On A Virgin Birth

In light of the story of the female shark giving birth without having been fertilized by a male, I was thinking about all of the Bible skeptics that think there cannot possibly be a virgin birth.

It's not that I think Mary spontaneously generated a child in her womb, but I did stop to consider how God created Jesus in her.

God created the physical laws of the universe and I don't believe that he can break those laws (or won't). Whatever miracles the Bible lists or that you might have personally witnessed have a scientific explanation for them. They are still miracles but God sticks to His boundaries in performing them.

How then did God impregnate Mary without violating all kinds of laws of the universe? First of all, just like the rest of us, Jesus has a body and a spirit. So, all God had to do is rearrange some of the existing matter in Mary to fertilize an egg just like he created Adam from the dust of the Earth. After/During the fertilization (I can't even speculate on the timing) God imbued the egg with the spirit of Jesus. Thus, Jesus was given his human body.

Yes, I could be way off base here. Maybe God caused, or allowed to happen a mutation in Mary that produced Jesus in much the same process as the shark in the story above was created. Feel free to invent your own theory; but my theory at least shows how an omnipotent being could facilitate a virgin birth without violating the laws of our physical universe.

Oh, one more thing to keep in mind. Since creation was finished on the 6th day, I don't think God specifically created something at the moment of conception. He would have to have use that which He had already created.