Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Related News

In Florida, the House defeated a bill, sponsored by the NRA that would have prohibited business owners from banning guns on company property.

Specifically, the law would have prevented business owners from making a policy stating that employees cannot have guns in their cars on company property. Presumably, it would have made it illegal for an employer to fire someone for carrying a weapon in their car.

Honestly, I was a little conflicted over this until I thought it through. In the end I support the property owner/business owner. First of all when you bring your property on to my property it is subject to my rules or you simply can't enter. I can't compel you to bring something on to my property against your will, neither can you compel me to allow something on my property.

Secondly, a business should be able to fire anyone for any reason they wish including but not limited to race, color, religion, eye color, clothing style, shoe size and juggling ability. This is known as "freedom of association." Moronic discrimination policies can hurt a business but that's up to the owner to decide.

I'm disappointed in the NRA for sponsoring this bill, they should have known better. The 2nd Amendment was written so that we'd have the right to protect the rest of our rights. Obviously the NRA has lost sight of the strict sense of property rights we used to cherish.

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