Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ultrasound Before Abortion

This is a great idea! South Carolina is considering a law that would require women who want to have an abortion to have an ultrasound before the abortion. This is the best idea I've heard yet on the discussion of abortion.

Those who support abortion (notice I didn't say "support choice") are rightfully concerned. They know that there will be far fewer abortions if this law is passed because women will see their "baby" and decide that it's really a baby and not just a fetal blob distorting their abdominal section. A pro-abortion law maker registers her opinion. Rep. Gilda Cobb (D) says, "I see it as some kind of emotional blackmail, and I think we're putting an undue burden on our healthcare providers and on folk who are providing those services."

Can there be any doubt that these people are pro-abortion and not just pro-choice? Oh, but they don't want women to feel bad about killing their babies. And it really is all about how this will make women feel. It doesn't impose any restrictions on the abortion itself so why should a truly pro-choice person be opposed to this law?

Abortion was supposed to be something that was rare and made with much serious consideration. Now we abort 46 million babies a year in this country. Abortion has become a convenience that is not taken seriously. Women have been told that a fetus is not really a baby and therefore disposable. How we define 'personhood' still seems to be up for debate but how is it that a fetus is not a person 5 minutes before it's born but it is person 5 minutes later?

Requiring an ultrasound is a great step to showing women that when they get an abortion, they're not having a tumor removed. If they want to make the law fair and require an ultrasound before having anything removed from the body, I'm all for it. You don't have grief counseling for people that have had a kidney or a cyst or a tumor removed.

I hope the idea of this law catches the attention of lawmakers in other states and we see it spreading like wildfire. I have a hard time believing that it could be found unconstitutional.