Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Experiment

I think I'll try a little experiment. I'm going to go from Orange County to, oh, let's say Philly and find some people that are known to be violent criminals (either by reputation or past conviction).

I'll find a good sampling of them and do more research. First, I'll eliminate (from my list) all of those that weigh over 170 pounds (I'm 190). Then I'll eliminate all of those that have a greater than average IQ. After that I'll find out which of them are quite likely to be hostile to the things I believe.

Once I have finalized my list, I'll go break in to their homes, beat up the criminal and all his close friends and relatives. I might even kill a few of them just for good measure.

I won't try to hide my actions. In fact, I'll launch a huge media campaign to defend my actions. Clearly those criminals are a potential threat to me so I must go forth and deal with the problem ahead of time in order to protect myself and those I love.

Who's with me?