Saturday, October 06, 2007

Primaries Coming Up Fast

It's VERY important for you to vote in the Primary elections. Here is a list of the Primary election dates for each state.

I know MOST of you know this already but for those that don't, Primary elections are held in each state and those elections help each party determine who their main candidate is. The Primaries are held in various states starting as early as January 19, 2008 of this year and running as late as June 3rd. The Republican National Convention which will held from September 1-4, 2008 in Minneapolis, MN is where the GOP will officially decide it's nominee although the choice should be clear long before that. The Democrat National Convention will be held in Denver, CO from August 25-28 2008. Unless there is a huge surprise, it should already be known that Hillary will get the nod from the DNC.

Voters are fairly apathetic about the Primaries. Democrats are going to largely stay home from the Primaries because Hillary has practically been crowned already. Republicans that support the mainstream candidates are going to stay home from the primaries as well simply because they're not excited about their Dole-ish candidates. If Ron Paul supporter can really get on the ball the rest of this year and recruit more people, he actually has a chance to be the nominee.

The conservative media seem to be against Ron Paul. Why? Because they love their cozy relationship with the government as much as the liberals do; just for different reasons.

Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries. If for no other reason, do it to protest the horse-whipping you've been taking by the GOP since King George George Bush Sr. got elected and betrayed his Conservative base.

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