Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hillary Helped Ron Paul

This is 2nd hand information but I was told that Rusty Humphries said on his show today that Ron Paul's record setting fund raising day had help from Hillary Clinton's campaign. The person who told me agreed that it's probably true because he thinks that if Ron Paul can raise enough money and then doesn't get the Republican nomination that he'll run as 3rd party candidate.

If I've erred in my misrepresentation of what Humphries said, I'm open to correction but I want to quash this notion before it catches any traction. This has to be an absolutely false notion for several reasons:
  • Ron Paul raised $4.2 million by 37,000 donors. That's an average of $113.51 per donor. I'm sure that some donated more and some donated less. It would take a "vast conspiracy" to get Hillary supporters to donate that much to the Ron Paul campaign. Word would get out. The person who told me about this said, "Well, maybe a lot of people only gave a little but someone with a lot of money like George Soros came in with a big check for the rest." BZZZZZ try again. There are contribution limits and in order for someone to write a big check, it would have had to be to the Republican party not directly to the campaign. Those funds surely wouldn't go to Ron Paul.
  • Hillary is too arrogant to think she can lose. She would never resort to helping the one man that she knows could defeat her if he got the nomination. Of course the Republicans that blindly follow the non-conservative candidates think Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance but there's no convincing them. If he gets the nomination, they'll have a lot of back-peddling to do.
  • I can't speak for the good doctor, but I don't think that he'd turn around and run as an independent. He'd never make it on the ballot in time in most states. He's more realistic than that and wouldn't run just to be vindictive.

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