Friday, November 02, 2007

If It Wasn't A Muslim...

...they would have specified that in the story. The 'authorities' did not release any information about the identity of the suspect which again probably means that it was a Muslim or they would have quelled the fears and said so. There wasn't even the knee-jerk reaction that terrorism was not involved. The FBI is keeping a lid on this for a reason.

Who would bring a pipe bomb to a nuke plant? You don't make pipe bombs and then just accidentally leave one in your truck where it can be found. They obviously had reasons to have this guy under suspicion to search his truck so thoroughly that such a thing could be found.

If you guys spot anything else about this story, please let me know. I'm interested in finding out the "ethnic identity" of the suspect.


Thanks to Pablo, we have this update. The pipe bomb was found in the truck of Roger Hurd, 61, a contractor at the plant. A thorough search of his apartment turned up no connection to the bomb and Mr. Hurd is not under arrest.

So my initial guess that they more thoroughly searched a potential suspect was wrong; mea cuplpa. The mystery remains though. How did that pipe bomb get in his truck and who put it there.

Someone with greater access to sensitive areas could have planted it there and simply used him as an unwitting mule to get it through the gate. The scary part is, how many more pipe bombs have made it through and are being stockpiled at the plant in order to cause more damage?

Still no mention of terrorism in the follow-up article.

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