Thursday, June 12, 2008

Protest Gas Prices - July 4th

I have an idea for protesting high gas prices. It would take an immensely coordinated effort but it could be done.

I envision a two pronged attack.

Part 1: A massive "park in" at gas stations around America. Get the kids, pack some food and water and essentially block access to all the gas stations for an entire weekend. It would be better to start on a Friday morning but to ensure maximum participation, starting on a Saturday morning would be better. It would only take 10 to 20 cars at each gas station to make this effective. Imagine, completely blocking access to the entire nation's ability to refuel their cars!!

Part 2: This might be a little more difficult but could prove to be even more effective than Part 1. Coordinate thousands of truckers around the nation and have them park their trucks around the country in such a way that they block access to the busiest highways in the nation. In particular, I was thinking of blocking access to major freeway interchanges in Los Angles (especially around Long Beach since it's a major port for goods coming in from overseas). Imagine 2000 trucks in each city parked in groups in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. Shut down access to all the major arteries in the US. They would have to leave room for emergency vehicles to pass but a roadblock system where a few trucks can be moved to allow that access but prevent general traffic flow. Oh, we'd need to block rail access as well but that wouldn't take nearly as many trucks.

If something like this could be accomplished it would have a huge impact on gas prices. No gas purchased, no goods being shipped around the country, and law enforcement would be absolutely helpless to stop the process. There aren't enough tow truck in the country to haul away the cars and trucks that would be blocking everything. Furthermore, even if the police attempted mass arrests, they would be met with serious resistance and they would likely just monitor the situation and not attempt to remove anyone.

July 4th would be a good day to start this. It's a Friday, it's a national holiday and symbolically speaking it would be a great day for it.

The only real problem I see with this is that so many people are so complacent about everything that it would be hard to get people to participate.

We've got less than a month to get the word out. Can we do it? Post this on your blog, send it out in an email, let's get it done!

**Please note... this is not designed to get the government to "do something" about oil prices. This is a direct action by customers to let the suppliers know that we're very unhappy about what they're doing.

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