Friday, July 11, 2008

Even A Child Can Understand

I'm not sure why this is news, but Fox is reporting that a 10 year old girl tried to join the football team and they told her *GASP* NO!

I was talking to Little Dif about it and asked if it was fair if a girl wasn't allowed to join a boy's football team. Her answer was of course, "It's not fair, she should be able to play if she wants to." She was assuming it's flag football. I told her it was tackle football and she would probably get hurt if she plays the way other boys play with each other. Then I asked if it was fair the boys would all probably not be able to play as rough. She decided that was less fair than it was for the girl not to be allowed on the team.

It's so simple that a seven year old can understand yet it flummoxes and discombobulates school boards, parents and feminists.