Thursday, July 17, 2008

Maybe I'm Missing Something But...

... if most of the environmental whackjobs are, as one would assume, also evolutionists, then they are at cross purposes in regards to this story where a scientist says that some turtles will need to be relocated because climate change is threatening their survival. Pardon me but if evolution as they see it (which is by no means a unified theory among them) is supposed to provoke species to adapt, why not just let them adapt or die? Seriously, if they can't survive on their own, they're not meant to be here right?

Same goes for the occasional beached whale. A big fuss is made, tax dollars are spent and all the hippes come to worship as they push the big floppy monsters back in to the sea. If the thing is dumb enough to get beached, maybe, according to evolutionary theory, it just needs to die off so future generations of the big floppy monsters don't do the same thing and gain better instincts as to depth and tides.

I don't buy in to evolutionary theory or TENS (Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection) but for those who do and yet make a huge fuss about assisting the endangered species come across as hyprocrites.

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