Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teresa Artohofer Is Wrong

Who is Teresa Artohofer? I have no idea, but she will now be memorialized in this blog for as long as it exists for being so wilfully, blitheringly, stupidly wrong that she should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

What did she say to provoke me thus? Well, it seems that a VFW Post in Montrose, PA has a message on its answering machine for telemarketers saying, "Hi, you've reached the Montrose VFW, Post 5642. We are an English-speaking, American establishment. If you do not speak English or believe in America, please hang up."

Artohofer apparently thinks that is unconstitutional. From the article:

Teresa Artohofer of Montrose said the VFW post's message contradicts the Constitution's protection of free speech.

"Does it say English speech? It just says freedom of speech. No where in there does it say freedom of English speech. It just says, freedom of speech," Arthofer said.

Apparently Artofhofer thinks that the people at the VFW should be forced to listen to people they don't want to listen to. Apparently Artohofer doesn't realize that an answering machine can't possibly violate anyone's freedom of speech since no speech was actually restricted. Sure, people have the right to say what they want but no one has the right TO BE HEARD except a citizen addressing the government for cause.

So Ms. Artohofer, PLEASE go read the Constitution of the United States of America and point out to me the section that forces me to listen to any sort of speech that I don't care to tolerate no matter what form it comes in.

**Side note for Eleanor: I'm not an ANGRY MAN, just dumbfounded at the ignorance. ;)