Friday, August 08, 2008

Where Is The Conspiracy Now?

Oil prices are falling...falling...falling.

Where is the conspiracy? Who's to blame? If the oil market were really so tightly controlled, prices would stabilize high or continue to rise, not plummet from the peak of $147 to below $120 in just a few months.

There were sheiks and investors, etc. saying the hikes would continue, that it's not a bubble. So who's really controlling the market? It's just the market!

Will we return to $1/gallon gas any time soon? No. $2/gallon? Possibly. But I suspect gas will be under $3/gallon by the end of this year.

The recession is catching up, the world economy is weak, demand is being driven down and oil is falling with it. The dollar is rising at the moment which further drives down the price of oil and that should continue for a while.

Stay Tuned!

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