Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just Say No To Chrome

Google just launched their new browser to complete with Internet Exploder 8 and Mozilla Firefox (and I suppose to some extend Safari). Is Opera even a factor? I don't think so.

I tried Chrome. You can find it here. Initially there were some very loud complaints in the EULA that they could redistribute any content you created through their browser. They removed it. That alone would have kept me from using it.

Really though, the main reason I'll stick with Firefox for now is because of the sheer number of plug-ins available for Firefox. The best one of course is AdBlock. I've been using it for a while now and on that rare occasion when I have to use IE or I have to use another computer, I'm shocked to find ads on my favorite sites. I forget they're there. Apparently there is a much discussion over which plug-ins people want so I'm sure they're coming.

I think the main reason I won't switch any time soon is because I just don't trust Google enough. They've already got my email. I already use them for Blogger (I plan to switch one of these days). I don't need to have Google involved in my entire on line experience.

So, just say NO to Chrome!

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