Sunday, May 24, 2009

Choosing The Wrong Target

An idiotic Washington D.C. council member named Jim Graham is, as the this article says, "cracking down" on selling pizza by the slice late at night in D.C. neighborhoods. Apparently D.C. residents remain hungry long in to the night since some of these place stay open until 4:30 AM and there is some violence here and there late at night. The councilman admits that the eateries are operating legally but they have become a nuisance. Is this guy really so stupid that he thinks that stopping late night pizza sales will reduce crime? Is he so stupid that he doesn't understand that maybe it's the criminals responsible for crime, not the pizza shop owner? Is he such a blithering idiot that he cannot see the root causes of crime and must go after private businesses that are legally serving a customer base?

If I were these pizza shop owners, I'd pick a representative to have a meeting with this guy and offer him a bribe (campaign contribution) to drop the legislation. The kicker is, they'd get the whole thing on tape and destroy him at the next city council meeting.

Yes Jim Graham, you are STUPID! Why don't you figure out the real problem and address it that way!