Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Last Gasp Of Breath

The cap & trade bill that is set for a full vote on Friday seems to be a last gasp attempt at convincing the rest of us that global warming (which they're not just calling 'global climate change' is really happening. Despite the best efforts of the global warming advocates and a nearly continuous media storm from almost all sides to convince us otherwise, there is no consensus among scientists or the general public that there is any global warming happening at all. In fact, there seems to be plenty of evidence that the whole thing is a lie.

If you hadn't noticed, every global warming (climate change) solution involves more government and higher taxes. The will make some noise about voluntary cooperation from the private sector, but mainly, it's about force.

If this fails, which seems likely right now, it will be a huge set back to the left on this issue and may very well spell death to that movement. We can only hope.