Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Market Stupidity

Ok, so I go in to AM/PM (a convenience store chain) to get a soda refill. Rather than bring in a cup, I bring in a bottle than has a lid which works better for me. The store manager tell me that I can't fill up a bottle, if I want a refill it has to be a cup. Keep in mind, the bottle is the same size as the cup I'd be filling. He says it doesn't make sense to him. What? He gets his $.99 no matter what container I put it in, why would he care? So I try to talk some sense in to him because he clearly doesn't see the profit potential. Nope, he's adamant, NO BOTTLE! So then I told him that he's lost my business completely and I won't be back.

I totally support that man's right to run his business as he sees fit. If he wants to lose money over the fact that I'm filling a bottle rather than a cup then he's free to lose money over a semantic difference. But I'm also exercising my right not to do business with him.

Oh well, his loss.. I get 10 extra minutes of walking to go to the next closest AM/PM and I'm certain that I can use the exercise.