Saturday, October 09, 2010

Non Action Is Action? HUH?

A Federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by four Michigan residents who claim that the Federal government has no power to compel them by law to purchase anything. In particular, this suit related to the primary tenant of Obama Care that will require every individual to purchase health insurance or face penalties.

The government argued in essence that someone refusing to purchase health insurance is actively involved in commerce (and therefore can be regulated by the Commerce Clause of the Constitution) by the act of refusal.

So let's get this straight. If I decline or refuse to act economically, I'm acting economically and can therefore be regulated.

There is NO Constitutional authority that allows the government to force you to purchase something. But the government wants to use the commerce clause to turn that on its head.

Using the same logic, if you do not actively support gay rights, minority rights, attend gay pride parades, and perform other activities that support protected classes of people, you are obviously guilty of a hate crime. Your refusal to act in those matters is therefore construed to be active opposition.

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