Monday, July 25, 2011

Economic Poetry

Debtardians flee
But there's nowhere to hide
There will be no default
Obama has lied

John Keynes was wrong
When he told us to spend
It eventually forces
The nation to rend

Return to sound money
Read Mises and Hayak
Or head up the creek
Bound and gagged in your kayak

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


This post is mainly for those that support our expansionist wars, but all comments are welcome.

Let's say there is a country called Libertania. They have built a prosperous society based on deregulation, sound money, great private health care, no welfare, and a very limited central government who is there to defend its borders and settle disputes between citizens who believe that another citizen has violated his rights. Essentially, we're talking about the libertarian utopia.

After a while, the people of this country come to two conclusions:

The first conclusion is that it is so wildly successful that other countries must implement this sort of government in order to escape tyranny and oppression from their rulers.

The second conclusion is that it sees that some of the larger countries in the world are a threat to this country because they depend on these countries for resources that they don't have.

So in the interest of spreading liberty and protecting the supply of foreign resources that they need, Libertania forms a massive military machine and decides its first target is The United States of America. Based on the potential military threat, they try to get the US Government to stand down and offer Libertanian style freedoms to its people. The US Government refuses to budge.

Let's lay aside the apparent contradiction of a libertarian nation using force against another nation for a moment, after all, it takes flawed people to run a government.

So, Libertania decides to invade America. They start by executing a bombing campaign on Washington, DC. They expand that by taking out state capitals as well in order to cripple the government and get them to give up their oppressive regulatory and tax schemes and unjust imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people who are locked up as political prisoners in war on drugs.

The goal of the Libertanian invasion is primarily to secure the best interests of the American people which is a life free from burdensome and intrusive government with the secondary goal, if the invasion is successful, to have a resource rich, liberty minded trading partner by which it can secure vital national resources.

Now we get to the question: Would you support such an invasion of America based on those goals?

Secondary question: Would you be willing to dismiss the collateral damage of friends, family and colleagues killed in the bombing since it was for your own good in the name of liberty?