Sunday, May 15, 2005

Moth Balls

Do you know what moth balls smell like?

Yes? How did you get your nose between his little legs?

Ok, that's a stupid joke but there is a story behind it that's far more funny than the joke.

Back in high school, my favorite past time was telling jokes. My joke repertoire was huge. My mother on the other hand has a great sense of humor but she has a hard time remembering, much less telling a joke. If she heard a joke and could still remember it when she got home, she would tell it to me.

So I'm in the kitchen doing dishes and my mom calls my name from the living room and says, "Do you know what moth balls smell like?"

Figuring she heard the aforementioned joke at work and was trying to give me a taste of my own medicine, I decided to spoil her fun.

"No mom, I've never been able to get my nose between their little legs."

...deafening silence ensues...

"WHAT did you say?"

See, my mom wasn't really in to crass jokes. Silly me, I thought she was making an exception. It turns out, she wasn't telling a joke at all. She was really asking if I knew what moth balls smelled like.

I replied sheepishly, "I've never been able to..get my nose........between........their.....little legs."

More silence.

Then, from nowhere, HOWLING laughter. And more laughter. After that, there was more laughter.

I guess it just struck her so funny that she lost it. She was actually on the floor, holding her gut and nearly hyperventilating. She laughed like that for nearly 20 minutes. I went to bed shortly after that but for the next hour, she'd bust out laughing again about every 10 minutes.