Friday, July 29, 2005

Hate Mail

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler posted a story about a missing 17-year old girl. In the comments I crassly asked, "If I find her, can I keep her?"

Well, "The Management" decided my comment wasn't so funny. They didn't delete the comment, they just notated it. After reading my comment later, I realized they were right, it really wasn't that funny and I promptly apologized.

Even thought I apologized, I received the following email from Lawrence B.:

Yeah, if you find her, you can keep her.
Hey, I know how you could make it even funnier:
Include that line in your suicide note, you pathetic mutant.

I email him back the following:

Go back and read the comments section moron, I apologized for my comment.

Lawrence B. emailed me back with this:

Aren't you lucky that in order to avoid further criticism, all you
have to do is say/write a few words? It works. In spite of the fact
that when you apologize, you insist that on occasion you say things
you do not really mean.

So do we believe you when, on your own initiative, you say something
totally obnoxious, or do we believe you when, pressed by severe
criticism on all sides, you give in and apologize? When is the real
you talking?

If you wanted to evaluate somebody's character, which would you choose??

There are some things we have to live with, and if a person reveals
himself as a callus twit, well, that's one of them. Messages like
mine are part of the price people like you pay for being emotionally
deformed. Cope with it.

Rather than responding, I decided to post his email here and let all of you mock him for his petty inanity.