Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jesus Was A Socialist

In the strictest sense of the word, Jesus was a socialist. He advocated communal living, giving money to the poor and taking care of others.

Resub (from another forum) said: "However (and I'm seriously not trying to be a dick) as a Christian how do you reconcile your capitalist views with the socialism that is commanded clearly in context in several locations in the Bible, including the book of Acts where a capitalist couple is killed for profiting from the sale of their house?"

I answered:

"Easy. What Jesus was advocating was purely VOLUNTARY and that is clear from the text.

Furthermore, Ananaias and Saphira died, not for taking a profit, but for lying about it. Again, read the text, Acts chapter 5. Peter basically told Ananias that it was his property to do with as he pleased. They were under no compulsion to either sell their property nor donate the procedes to the church. They volunteered to do so and then lied about what they sold it for. They didn't die for taking a profit."

These are simple arguments to destroy folks and you need to practice them or the liberals will push you over. It won't be long before Christian Republican start making these arguments.

To argue that the government should control our lives because the Bible says so is a really dumb thing to say yet there are people that believe it. Resub wasn't the first person I've had ask me this question.