Thursday, August 04, 2005

Domestic Partners

Here in California, despite the best effort of the voters, the domestic partnership laws are very strong. For all intents and purposes, it's gay marriage without actually getting that title.

I'm wondering if some brave soul out here in the land of fruits and nuts who is married could go form a domestic partnership with someone of the same sex. I'm not asking anyone to get invovled in homosexuality of course but it would be a very interesting legal experiment.

Why couldn't one have a wife and a domestic partner? Since the advocates of gay marraige want to dabble in the fine art of moral equivocation, what would be the big deal if someone had a wife AND a domestic partner? Or several of them? Who's business it is anyway? Why couldn't someone make an adult child a domestic partner? Why couldn't someone have domestic partners that have nothing to do with sexual relationships?

Other suggestions welcome. Don't bring animals in to it though since they can't give legal consent.