Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Blogroll

I would like to direct your attention to the list of blogs I have linked to on the right. I've added a few people recently so go pay them a visit.

Drop in to Eaglewood's Nest for a while and let him feed you from his gullet.

Insolublog will make milk squirt out of your nose, even if you're not drinking any.

Go kick back at Katey's Kafe.

Or, drop in to Peakah's Pub and have a brew.

After you rest, you can go help relieve Rocinante's Burden. You might have known Roci from his previous incarnation as 'Insert-Name-Here' who was a regular at Vox's blog among others.

Perhaps you'd like a little Salt in your wounds.

Somebody got Triton Unleashed and he went all thermo-nuclear on me.

As if you're not already seething about illegal immigration! I VDARE you to visit that blog.

I also added the Alliance of Free Blogs (and most humbly applied for acceptance to same) with the required fake quote from Glenn Reynolds at the top. Joining the Alliance is just a shameless ploy to work my way up the TTLB Ecosystem.

***one more thing: If you have put me on your blogroll and I don't have you on mine, let me know.