Monday, December 26, 2005


Since blogging is going to be light this week, I thought I'd take an introspective approach and ask you all what you plan on doing differently in 2006 and/or how you think 2006 is going to be different rather you plan it or not.

Forget the typical new year's resolutions, I'm thinking more along the lines of how you conduct your daily life, what changes you know are coming and what you would like to see happen.

  • Personally, I plan to work harder.
  • I also need to spend more time in the Word and prayer. My efforts in that area have been lacking as of late.
  • Unless my wife changes her mind, I will end up divorced in 2006. Even though we've already been apart for a year it will still be different somehow.
  • Little Dif is already an excellent reader at almost 5 years old but she's a lot like me in that she doesn't have any gifts when it comes to math. I need to get her up to speed on that.
  • I want to take a motorhome trip this summer. Little Dif has been asking me to take her on one for the last few months. Finances permitting, I would like to spend about a month driving around the country. I think there are a few of you I'd like to stop and visit along the way. I'll probably start off in Florida, head north to Virginia, come back south to Atlanta, east to Dallas, north to Minnesota west to Washington and then back down the coast to Orange County. Has anyone ever done a trip like that? Perhaps a month is a little too quick. We'll see.
  • And of course I'll keep blogging.