Monday, December 12, 2005

The Best of Your Blog

I asked you all to submit some of the best material on your blog. Sure, I've got a blog roll on the right side, but I wanted to give up some of my posting space to you folks.

I have presented them in the order they were sent to me. Please try to visit each of these blogs this week if you don't already.

If I have made any agregious errors in this post, please leave corrections in the comments.

Without further ado:

MikeT over at Blind Mind's Eye mostly writes about technology, but he also covers politics and religion. He wrote a piece of fiction that you should check out:

The archangel Samael stood above the gathering on the windswept cliff overlooking the preaching of a peculiar young rabbi. Most of the listeners were utterly oblivious to this rabbi's identity, though Samael knew exactly who he was. He was the Lord of the Imperial Armies, Yeshua, and he had manifested in a purely human form. Read the rest


Eaglewood, who preens his feathers at Eaglewood's Nest focuses almost exclusively on Biblical issues.

Just like Elijah I have been charged with a great task, the task of bringing His true message to the church. A message of hard choices and ultimate love. The church is facing one of its hardest tests in the near future and he wants his bride prepared. Not only is the church going to face an enemy from without but is now facing and enemy from within and the very elect are being deceived. Read the rest


Eaglewood's wife Birdie hasn't written much yet, but apparently it's my fault that she and her husband started blogging so pay her a visit at Wings And Prayers and expect some great stuff out of her soon. No pressure Birdie ;)

So, what happened to finally get me interested? As it turns out, Difster's decision to sponsor the best that his reader's blogs have to offer has convinced me that I am probably one of the last people above the age of five with internet access not to have ever had a blog! Read the rest


Salt is the salt of the Earth. He is a tenacious debater and writes with articulation and aplomb.

There, you have it. When a judge rules contrary to law, or upholds law inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution, and in light of the oath taken whereby such decision can be seen in no other terms than 'knowingly', what would you call it? Does 'enemies foreign and DOMESTIC' seem appropriate? Sure does to me. Read the rest


Erik over at Emunda (what the heck does that means?) writes on a variety of subjects and does it well. Erik, why didn't you let me know that you weren't on my blog roll?

This isnt going to be a discussion on what type of weapon to carry, a knife wielded with confidence can be as detering to a thug as a gun. Rather I want to talk about state of mind. Fortunately the military has already come up with an acronym, if you can believe that. OODA Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This was specifically made for their fighter pilots where being the one acting, not reacting, is the difference between coming home alive and, well, not coming home alive. OODA applies perfectly to everyone. Read the rest


Circa Bellum doesn't think his writing is very good but I have to disagree. He mostly writes about life with a Southron flavor.

Advice for first time visitors to Arkansas:

1. That farm boy standing next to the feed bin did more work before breakfast than you do all week at the gym.

2. It's called a 'gravel road,' No matter how slow you drive, you're going to get dust on your Navigator. I have a four wheel drive because I need it... not just to keep up with the neighbors. Read the rest


Lisa (who first came to fame by getting her hide nailed to the wall at Vox's) lets us Inside MoMeesa's Head and tells us about how she came to fear the government. By her own admission, she frequently writes about nothing.

Back to the story: The onus is not on the person who put the information in my record to prove it is true. The onus is on me to prove it is not true. First I would have to go to court to get a court order to release the record to me. Then I would have to go back to court and begin the process of proving it is not true. Who the hell has time for that? Not me. Ok. I’ll play their games. I’ll take their stupid fucking questionnaire to my doctor, have him complete it and take it back to the zit faced angry DMV worker to have some floating head behind a curtain evaluate what my medically trained doctor said about me. We’ll go from there. Read the rest


ajw tries his hand at fiction deep in PsyClops Lair. He writes on a wide variety of subjects and is always thoroughly entertaining.

Like blood from a fatal wound, shivers ran down Morgan's spine. It was not the dark chill of the night, but the word the old man spoke. "Lycanthrope" he said while casually gesturing towards the shuffling form in the distance. Read the rest


Elmo Q. Shangnaster has learned that the Object In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear. Like some others, he gives us his thoughts on lots of different subjects without revolving around a central theme.

The complexities of motor vehicles and modern living have something in common. People seem to think there are no clear cut, moral answers anymore. Time was, it seems, when everything moral, like TV's, was black and white. Shades of the gray complexities of life have crept into the pattern. Decades ago, if a car broke down it was a relatively simple matter to diagnose the problem and repair it. Seeing the problem for what it is, knowing what's wrong, wasn't so difficult. Knowing what's wrong with people these days isn't such an easy troubleshoot. I've heard it said that a car reflects the owner. If that's true then I must be in worse shape than I thought. Or maybe I just need an oil change. Read the rest


Nathan has returned from a long blogging hiatus and brings us Pointless Musings. I found Nathan because he bought some shares in my blog on

In the news today, it appears San Francisco has banned firearms outright. Following the shining examples of such cities as Chicago and Washington, D.C., it is now "illegal for residents to keep handguns in their homes or businesses." The manufacture and sale of all guns and ammunition is also now illegal there as well. Read the rest


Arielle put up The Antenna (Arielle = arial - bad pun) to broadcast her thoughts on life, God and politics to the blogosphere. As I already told her, Arielle has a style that is logical, reasonable and unquestionably feminine.

When a government begins infringing on the rights of its citizens, it starts with society’s scum – people that no one wants to stand up for. Eventually people are conditioned to believe that the government only directs certain methods against bad people. In time, when the government steps over the threshold of Joe Average’s home, his neighbors automatically believe him to be a bad person; they simply stand by gossiping as the government tears his life to shreds.
I would extrapolate, based on the subject matter you chose to present, that you are worried that a conservative, right-wing government is taking steps that will eventually lead to the censoring or destruction of sexually provocative and explicit materials. Have no fear. When a government reaches a certain level of corruption (which I believe will happen all too soon in America), it is not men reading racy magazines that they will direct their resources towards. Read the rest


Triton has Unleashed has elected to take up a little of the space left behind by BillyD and take over Conspiracy Wednesday. Triton gives us well thought out posts including this one on critical thinking in nuclear power.

But here's the kicker: Chernobyl, unlike American commercial power plants, used a graphite moderator. This graphite is normally not exposed to oxygen, so you can heat it up above its combustion point without fear. When the top blew off, though, air rushed in. The already-hot graphite ignited. This radioactive fire was disastrous, and led to the deaths of a number of Soviet firemen. Read the rest here, here and here


Kiwi the Geek has a Cute Little Blog. She writes personal stories and social commentary on her purple pages.

Lately I've been having an email conversation with a non-believer, reiterating some of my basic beliefs. I've devoted my whole life to the purpose of following the risen Christ. My non-believing friend is puzzled; Jesus is a historical figure, a wise teacher, but there are other books on the shelf. Why waste all my life on this one person? Ever since true love washed over me, I can't waste my life on anything else. His glory is all that matters, and I hope my mind and heart are as focused as Will Turner's. Read the rest here


Terri Goon at I Think Therefore I Err provides us with critical linking skills. She mostly just links to other stories around the Internet and she's a good source for stories that don't see any mainstream attention. She does provide a little commentary and has promised to provide more.

Also - we have to know that if the govt does too much too soon and people lose jobs etc, then that govt will no longer be in power. There are priorities to consider and while it would be wonderful if we chose the environmental health of the world as the top priority, that really isn't practical. So, - continue on. Keep an eye on what's going on, do what can be done (remember the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the diesal reduction laws?) , and watch for results. (I can see Pikes Peak from here often! That barely ever happened in the 70s and 80s.) Read the rest


Retired Geezer is trying to Blog Idaho. Geezer has been making me laugh for months by linking to hillarious articles and posts by other bloggers. He has a started a weekly series called Significant Song Sunday.

Today's song is what I call a "Stealth Christian" song.
It was pretty popular during the 80's on regular top-forty radio.
If you listen carefully to the lyrics, it seems to me that it is being sung in the first-person.
By Who? Read the rest here


Heidi has decided to be a Pebble Chaser. I don't know what she's going to do with those pebbles when she catches them but I'm sure she has a plan. Heidi writes some very touching personal stories that can even make a Serial Killer like me shed a tear or two. Here is an excerpt from one.

We saw Jesus that night. We were His hands and His love to her. I was humbled to realize as I knelt before her in all her dirtiness and odor that this is precisely what He does for me. He cleans me. He binds up my wounds. He prepares me to take the steps on the road before me. And He gathers me close and whispers, "Call on Me anytime. I'm here for you." Read the rest here