Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dog Dumb Government

Because our law enforcement officials really just don't have enough to do now, they've occupied themselves with arresting United States citizens because they're wanted in Mexico.

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of the reality show "Dog The Bounty Hunter" has been arrested by Federal Marshals in connection with his capture of Chapman's capture of fugitive Andrew Luster, a serial rapist and the heir to Max Factor fortune. Luster fled to Mexico during his rape trial.

Chapman and his team refused to turn Luster over to Mexican authorities after the June 2003 capture and were arrested and posted bail. Apparently they never went back to Mexico for trial and authorities there issued an arrest warrant for Chapman, his son and another associate.

Mexican authorities apparently convinced a United States judge to sign the arrest warrant so Chapman could be extradited to Mexico and tried for his crimes there.

The United States government should refuse to turn Chapman and his colleagues over to Mexican authorities until every last suspected murderer who has fled to Mexico be turned over to our Justice Department. Mexican citizens (i.e. illegal aliens) can murder a person here in the United States, flee to Mexico and not be bothered by Mexican authorities because they won't extradite anyone that faces the death penalty or even a life term in prison.

Why is this an issue? If there was ever an appropriate use of the bully pulpit in international relations, this is it. Mexico needs us WAY more than we need them. Any fugitive we agree to turn over to Mexico should be traded for a fugitive from American justice.

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales needs to pull his head out of his butt along with the entire Bush administration and stop taking orders from Mexico and start making demands.