Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vote For Liberty

In my continuing discussion with Miss O'Hara (among others) in regards to reasons for abandoning the Republican party based on principles I finally managed to nail down the issue succinctly.

Vote For Liberty!

It's really just that simple. Are you going to continue to vote for the party that is only destroying your liberty just a little slower than the other one or are you going to start voting based on actual principles?

I know that no party is going to represent your idealistic situation when it comes to liberty and some compromise is always necessary. Even so, are you going to vote for the guys that keep raising spending, creating more government agencies, meddling in world affairs we don't belong in and passing really bad laws like the Patriot Act or are you going to start voting for people who want to reduce the size and scope of government?

But Difster! Those other parties can't win! That doesn't really matter. They can't win NOW but if enough people start standing up to the party machines we have in place, we can eventually win. That's how it's done. It starts with you deciding whether you will continue to support the failed "conservative" policies of the last 14 years or take a good hard look at party politics and support the ultimate cause of liberty granted to us by our Creator.

It's up to you. If you have changed your mind, please post it in the comments and let me and the others know. In the near future perhaps I'll do an interview style post with a few of you.