Friday, October 13, 2006

The Difference Between Men And Women

The other day I dropped by a friends house. He was running a few minutes behind and wasn't there when I got there so I decided to go up to the gas station on the corner to get something to drink.

As I was parking, my friend was pulling out the gas station. He rolls down his window and says, "Hey, I'll see you back at the house." I didn't say anything, I just nodded and walked away; he drove off.

Guys are just like that. Another friend of mine on the East Coast calls me and if he gets my voicemail he just calls and says "Difster, P____, call me." That's really all I need to know. He wants me to call. Sometimes we'll leave more specific messages but it's not the norm and only when the information has a time factor to it.

What a woman would generally take as being a bit rude, a guy takes no offense whatsoever to. If I called one of my female friends and just said, "This is Difster, call me," they would think something was wrong. Women require more information when leaving a message and they also give more information when leaving a message. If a woman left me a message that short, I'd probably get concerned too since it's unlike a woman to leave a message like that.

I don't mind the differences at all; I'm more amused by it than anything.