Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Now That It's Over ...

Now that the election is over, it's time to reassess your political affiliations.

The excuse I hear most often as to why people are sticking with the Republican party is that there is no viable alternative. "We have to keep the House & Senate out of the hands of the Democrats." Well folks, your worst nightmare has come true. Nancy Pelosi is going to be the Speaker of the House and the Dems won a majority back in both Houses. It looks like your blind obedience to the GOP has failed you yet again.

Scroll down a bit and read my post from a couple of weeks ago called Battered Voter Syndrome. The GOP continues to do you wrong. You say this election was so important you couldn't defect this time. It's over, it's now time to reach down, grab hold and go change your party affiliation. I don't care if you change it to Libertarian, Independent or simply "Decline To State". Hey, you could even change it to the Green Party, I don't care. Just don't register for one of the major parties.

As long as you continue to vote a Republican ticket, no third party can emerge. It's going to take an awful lot of people to do that. Don't wait for everyone else; this will take time. And when it comes to the next election, vote for anyone BUT a Republican or Democrat for President. Besides, who is the GOP going to put up against Hillary? They're just going to front another Bob Dole type candidate who doesn't really stand a chance. Are you going to vote for that type of candidate because it's SO IMPORTANT to keep Hillary out of office.

At this stage of our political system it doesn't really matter who gets elected. Both parties support essentially the same things. They want bigger government, more involvement in our lives and are pushing harder and harder for global governance. Everything else they do is nothing but distractions. The Dems don't support the Iraq war. So? They want to give more power to the United Nations. But wait, Bush hasn't exactly been tough on the U.N. either has he? What has Bush done to pull us back from global governance? Nothing, in fact he's continues to march us further down that road. No Democrat president will be any different. The pace might pick up a bit though.

Neither party is running on platform of smaller, less intrusive government. Neither party is running on a platform that even resembles an adherence to the basic principles of liberty. But you don't care. Unemployment is down, interest rates are still fairly low and gas prices have dropped. You're happily marching toward your own doom because you seem to be just fine the way you are.

In the mean time, your money is being stolen from you by the government and given to other people that would go to jail for taking it from you any other way than by the force of government.

It's your fault because you continue to support the elected officials who either don't know or don't care about the constraints laid on them by the Constitution of The United States of America.

Don't wait for a third party to get more power. You have to give them the power by joining with them. You have to convince your families, friends and neighbors to abandon the system that keeps the two major parties in power.

I'll be posting about this off and on through the 2008 election cycle.