Monday, October 16, 2006

Battered Voter Syndrome

"Battered Woman Syndrome" is when women stay in a relationship despite sometimes severe abuse. They threaten to leave but they always come back and the cycle continues. They make excuses. "I know he really loves me, he's just having a hard time right now," or "I know I can change him, I just need more time." Then there is the biggest lie they tell themselves, "I have no where else to go."

Wake up Republicans! You people that continue to vote for Republican candidates are like women that stay in abusive relationships. Your party has viciously abused you and you keep going back because you think you have no alternative.

  • Non-Military Spending - Congress proposes and Bush approves higher spending than any other president *SMACK*
  • There is no small number of high-profile pro-abortion Republicans like Rudi Guiliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Pataki and Mitt Romney among others. *PUNCH*
  • Illegal immigration is an issue the GOP just isn't dealing with the way a 'conservative' party should. *SLAP*
I could go on and on and on but I think you get my drift. There are many battered voter shelters out there such as the Libertarian or Constitution party for those that actually believe in liberty and want to stand up for themselves. Until a sufficient number of Republicans stand up for what they really believe in and abandon their abusers, the GOP has no reason at all to change their tactics. Even a majority loss this November won't make much of a difference in terms of their long-term behavior. "Oh, baby come on back, I've changed, I promise." We all know what happens after that.

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