Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing To Worry About

As a Bible believing Christian, I have no doubt in my mind that the tomb of Jesus, the son of the Most High God is NOT what filmmaker James Cameron claims it is. Jesus didn't live out his natural life, get married and have child.

Other than the obvious implications for Christianity if it were true, there are plenty of other reasons to doubt the efficacy of this claim. As much 'trouble' as Jesus was during his time, there is no doubt that he would have continued to be a popular and/or much despised public figure for the rest of his natural life had he not been crucified. Furthermore, I have little doubt that a son would not have garnered as much attention or more. There would be some historical records of this. As it is, there seem to be none. I realize that the absence of evidence is not proof so I'm walking on thin ice here but logic dictates that if Jesus was indeed a public figure as historical records show, there would be some recording of a family. Jews were meticulous about genealogy.

My biggest problem with this is that for many, many years to come, unbelievers will throw this back in our faces as incontrovertible proof that Jesus did was not who history says he was.

There are a couple of rebuttals for that.
  1. The Gospel is dependent on Jesus dying for our sins. It is not dependent on whether or not Jesus ascended in to Heaven. Obviously if he didn't that contradicts other parts of the Bible. But if you're going to respond to an unbeliever, they need to understand this about the Christian faith. There is nothing about those tombs that can prove either way that Jesus didn't die and was resurrected; only that he did not ascend to Heaven or at least that he didn't stay there.
  2. Most of the same people who will throw this in your face never believed that Jesus existed to begin with. They tend to believe that he was a purely fictional character. If they don't believe any of the previously discovered extra-biblical evidence of his existence, why would they believe this? Turn their own doubts back on them.
This should not be anything that in any way shakes your faith. Read the link included and do some of your own research; there appears to be a number of holes in the theory. It is definitely enough to create more than reasonable doubt that it's not really the grave of Jesus of Nazareth.