Friday, March 02, 2007

Life With Hillary

I was thinking this morning about what life in Amerika will be like with Hillary at the Helm.

First of all, no one in mainstream America is going to call her President Clinton (or President Rodham if she chooses). We're not even going to call her President Hillary. We're simply going to refer to her as Hillary (or one of her various disparaging nicknames). Of course the media will refer to her as President Clinton because they have to but the rest of us will not accord her the respect of that office enough to refer to her by title most of time.

When Bill Clinton took office, one of the things Hillary did, as you might recall is clear out the Whitehouse Travel Office. She didn't just fire these people, she had them brought up on criminal charges. If I recall correctly, the jury took less than 30 minutes to bring back a verdict of "Not Guilty". What is she going to do when she actually holds the office herself. Bush (stupidly) took on a New Tone and left lots of Clinton appointees in office when he took the helm. Lizard Queen is going to clean house.

The Patriot Act is going to be her personal weapon to silence criticism. Isn't it obvious that anyone that opposes her is a terrorist sympathizer? If it isn't obvious now, it will be.

Watch for her to put Al Gore in charge of the EPA. This will accomplish two things for her. First, it will put Gore under her thumb and in a place she can keep an eye on him. Secondly it will be her way of telling him that she is better than he is because she is President and he didn't make it. He will be too stupid to understand this.

Hold on to your checkbooks folks, the tax collectors will be dancing in the streets. We will have higher taxes, especially if the Dems continue to hold both Houses. The reason they'll say we have to have higher taxes, especially on the rich (i.e. the people who produce) is to pay the country back for the cost of The War.

You thought Bush's "Guest Worker Plan" was bad? Just wait to see what Hillary does (or rather doesn't) do on immigration. She will want to streamline the path to citizenship for these people so they can all vote Democrat in a few years.

Look for Hillary to worship at the alter of the European Union and the United Nations.

Oh, and I can't wait to see what she's going to have Bill doing for her. This is going to get interesting.

What are your predictions for what will prove to be a dark time in our country's history?