Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oh The Tragedy Of It All!

Apparently Saddam Hussein's daughter is "outraged" over picures of her father in his underwear in a British Tabloid.

An aide for Husseins daughter Raghad Hussein (No, I'm not making up that name) said, "She described the pictures as inhumane, and wondered why her father is not being treated as a human being and the father of three daughters."

Raghad Hussein doesn't seem too outraged at the atrocities her father has allegedly committed. If she is, there has been no report of it.

Let's compare shall we?

  • Hussein - Tortured, murdered, mutilated, and humiliated millions of people. Scammed billions from the Oil for Food program. Starved his people and probably did terrible things to small animals as well.
  • London tabloid - Publishes picture of a tyrant in his tighty whiteys.
Which is worse? I'll let you decide.