Monday, May 23, 2005

Little House On The Prairie

This weekend I bought Little House in The Big Woods for my four year old daughter. It's the first in the Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingals Wilder. I picked this book because it's just complex enough to be a challenge and she'll really like the story. Besides that, it's wholesome without being politically correct or liberal.

The whole object of getting this book for her is to make her read it to me to improve her already stupendous reading skills.

She can only get through about 2 pages in a sitting so far, but I expect that to increase as she gets more comfortable with it.

She's also asking a lot of questions about things in the book. She wanted to know what a few animals looked like from the book so I used Google. One of these animals was a beaver. I had the foresight to set strict filtering before I submitted the search. That could have been disasterous.

I recommend picking up this book for your little ones. Even if they can't read it yet, it's a story that will capture their imaginations and they'll love to read it on their own when they are able.