Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Few Blogs Of Note

Here are a few blogs I'd like you folks to check out.

First up is my friend World Wide Nelly. Nelly is a friend of mine from Culiacan, Mexico. She is an intelligent, articulate woman (and yes guys, she's cute too). She just started posting and hopefully we can encourage her to post some more. She's a native Spanish speaker but decided to publish her blog in English. Pay close attention to her second post about rich Mexican people; it's an amusing perspective on the Mexican economy from South Of The Border.

Next up is Yet Another Ruminator. You all may be very familiar with his frequent comments over at Vox's blog where he posts as IBreakCellPhones. He finally decided to start blogging.

Last, but certainly not least of the new bloggers is Luke's Bunker. Apparently Luke has been reading here for a while and making occasional comments. Apparently he didn't find my blog fulfilling enough so he had to go and start his own. ~just messing with you Luke...

These two hardly need any introduction, they've been around a little while already but I never made an announcement. Farmer Tom has a blog that is outfitted like a Case International Harvester John Deere tractor. Our other well known blogger is the lovely and talented Taylor. You have seen both of them at Vox's as well.

Luke was also kind enough to point me to two other worthy blogs:

Pro Libertate is written by an ex staffer of the John Birch Society for being rather harsh on Jorge Bush in his personal blog written in his personal time. The powers that be decided that he was too much of a dissident and had to be expelled from their ranks. In some small way, this makes him a hero.

The War On Guns appears to be quite an informative look at the stock market. No, that's not right, an informative look at .... never mind, you probably already figured it out.

I will be adding these blogs to my Blog Roll soon. If you are not on my Blog Roll, please post your blog name and link in my comments and I should most happily add you on my next update.